About us

          FOKOU Group is a group of companies engaged in retail, services and industry.
In Cameroon, with Fokou Distribution, the FOKOU Group stands as Leader in retail. It has about 34 stores and five supermarkets on the national triangle. That retail network is divided into eight regions. In the sub region, the Group FOKOU operates in retail throughout Foberd Angola, Foberd Congo, Foberd Gabon, FOBERD RCA and Foberd Tchad.

          Industrial area in turn is the main provider of products and goods sold by the distribution network; it should be noted this sector acts as one of a the vital lungs of economic activity in Cameroon and in the sub region; Some illustrations are: SOFAVINC (société de fabrication des vins du Cameroun), SCTB (Société camerounaise de transformation de bois), New Foods Co, les Aciéries du Cameroun, SOFAMAC (société de fabrication des matériaux de construction), SMALTO, SOGAMATEC, SOFAPRAL, CODECO, SOCOGIM, SFPAL,…

          The service sector is implemented by entities such as: SOTRASCAM, BOCAM, OCA, CADCIA, Fokou logistics SOTRASGAB. Aluminum Soa and Foberd BTP that are oriented in the construction of structures and public works.

         That smoothly running system is well organized through the genius and spirit of creativity of a man steeped in special gifts and talents who shows incomparable willingness and firm determination to achieve his ambitions. In addition to the above, it should be noted that the success of a group level is combined with daily positive values ​​such as timeliness in terms of execution of customer orders. Furthermore, our trade policy combines quality price ratio for the sake of the consumer

          The ingenuity of its staff enabled to set up a business strategy known under the name of FOKOU Interactif which has significantly revolutionized the service offered to customers in the sense that the customer has the ability to in a branch of his place of residence and to arrange for the removal of goods in another branch of his choice at no cost or without further ado , thereby helping to reduce costly customer movements by making work easier for him