Foberd Gabon

We import and make available in our furniture rays a variety of furniture to meet the more exacting requirements of comfort lovers, for every room in your home.

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Foberd Gabon

Review of the wide range retail In Gabon

After covering the Cameroonian territory of its large distribution network, the Group embarked on the exploration of new markets, and to this effect creates Foberd Gabon in May 1999. This entity, which aims at positioning itself as a leader in the wide range retail sector in this country now operates in five provinces and its goal, is to cover the whole territory in the coming years. The company has 14 stores, including 10 in Libreville, one in Port-Gentil, one Franceville, one in Oyem and another one in Lambaréné. It also sells building materials, food and other equipments.


  • Part de marché Distribution au Gabon 60%