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Founded in May 1999, Foberd Gabon deals with the import and distribution of construction materials and food products, and is to be found in 5 provinces, with the aim at covering the whole territory in the years to come. The company has 14 stores, including 10 in Libreville, 1 in Port-Gentil, 1 in Franceville, 1 in Oyem and another one in Lambaréné. An extensive distribution network made ​​possible through the construction of a storage platform set forth in Owendo.
In its stores are exposed and sold various products: building materials, tiles, hardware, plumbing, rebar, cement … but also various home appliances and household equipment for home and corporates

BP 18228 Libreville

Tel : 00241 0176 3156 / 00241 0176 3157 / 00241 0176 3158

Fax : 00241 0176 3159 / 00241 0176 3160

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