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NEW FOODS Company was created in the middle of 2007 with the ambition to position itself as a major player in the production and marketing of food products. It started its activities in the domain of production and marketing of food products. Some time later, the company will expand its activities in the production and marketing of spreading products. Always seeking consumers’ satisfaction, many other products ranging from confectionery to biscuits (cookies) manufacture are nowadays available to them. With the facilities at the forefront of technology and relying on experienced human resources and well-trained, NEW FOODS manufactures and markets innovative and high quality products . NEW FOODS’ development is based on three essential values in light of which all decisions are taken: respect for people, respect of the environment and customer satisfaction.

With headquarters in Yaounde, the factory and the management of NEW FOODS are located in the industrial zone in ​​Bonabéri. Anxiously desiring to get closer to both customers and consumers, four regional offices are open respectively in Douala (for Littoral and South West), Yaoundé (for Centre, East and South), in Bafoussam (for the west and north-west) and Ngaoundere (for Adamawa, North and Far North). The company currently has 350 employees.

Usine : BP. : 5422 Douala ;
Tel. : 33 39 40 70 ;
Fax.: 33 39 34 82;

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